Establishing an Internationally Recognized Clinical/Scientific Advisory Board

One of Regen Med’s first tasks upon inception was the formation of a Clinical/Scientific Advisory Board “C/SAB”. This multi-disciplinary Board would lend credibility, counsel, opportunities and contacts that would steer the company’s direction through its formative years.

Regen Med approached the construction of its first Clinical/Scientific Advisory Board “C/SAB” with care.  

We began by defining the key profiles which matched our business goals. Those included:

  • International, ideally with distributed North America and European presence
  • Established, Multi-disciplinary, Musculoskeletal clinical experience
  • Respected and authoritative expertise on cell and gene science
  • Business experience and expertise in the Healthcare sector

Then, we formulated a compensation package in line with the caliber of individuals we wished to recruit. In addition to honoraria, we wanted to communicate a robust, clear business plan approaching a large, rapidly expanding market. We found leaders much more willing to respond to an exciting and robust business plan than a rich compensation arrangement.  

Once these materials were defined, we began outreach to individuals who matched our profiles. The initial C/SAB comprised the following members. You may click on their names for direct links to their biographies:

J. William Futrell, M.D.

Claude T. Moorman, M.D.

Peter Johnson, M.D.

Peter Rubin, M.D.

Christian Jorgensen M.D., Ph.D

Diego Correa,  M.D, Ph.D

James Urbaniak, M.D.

Dietrich Stephan, Ph.D

LLuís Orozco, M.D., Ph.D

Their participation and guidance has helped inform and orchestrate numerous Regen Med activities since inception, including:

Organization of 2015 Palma Mallorca CELLS conference

Organization of 2016 Amsterdam CELLS conference

Design and Development of inCytes 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0

Formation of first  RMCE in Milan, Italy

Recruited network of 10k+ physicians