Evidence-based Clinical Circles

Amazing things happen when purpose-driven healthcare professionals come together to collaborate. Unfortunately, such instances are costly in time and resources, both of which are in short demand among busy practitioners.

Clinical Circles are designed to identify and productively connect healthcare professionals with similar evidence-based interests and pursuits. They combine approaches, services, and technology which eliminate traditionally costly logistics, and allow Circle Members to dedicate their limited time and focus on the issues that matter.

Our Approach

Circles consist of a Founder and Membership, who united in the collection of evidence around a shared topic of interest, are able to achieve genuine collaboration, fulfillment and value. Invested in this belief, RegenMed works as a partner, not a vendor, to help those Founders design, manage and grow their Circles, without any of the traditional costs or burdens. Our network of clinical, scientific, and industry leaders further allows Founders of any size to have immediate and global visibility for their Circles and Circle evidence.

Our Services

Our services are designed grow Circle memberships, reduce burdens for Circle Members, and convert aggregated evidence into tangible and immediate value for all.

Select services include:

  • Circle Protocol Design, Capture and Analytics
  • Service Providers Integrations, such as Call Centers, Laboratories, and more 
  • Circle Membership Management, Onboarding and Events
  • Circle Marketing and Promotions
  • Circle Sponsorships, Monetization and Mergers

Our Technology

Our patent-pending inCytes™ software is a cloud-based, HIPAA/GDPR compliant, intuitive data collection platform available on your phone, tablet or desktop. It streamlines all aspects of evidence capture, including the design, collection, aggregation and analyses of any evidence stemming from practitioners or their patients. Built by clinicians, for clinicians, its select features include:

  • Engaging Patient Portal and Reporting
  • Patient Self-Enrollment and Outcomes Capture
  • Clinical Alerts, Dashboards
  • Robust Data Analytics, Correlations, Export Functions
  • Clinical Decision Support Tools (coming Q4 2021)

Want to Learn More about inCytes™?

Select Circle Use Cases



Randomized Controlled Trials

Clinical Translation

Animal Research

Protocol Development



Industry Sponsorships

Patient Marketing


Business Inсubation


Cost Savings


Remote Patient Monitoring

Legal / Regulatory Compliance

Value-Based Medicine



Multi-Center Studies

Clinical Registries


Educational Curricula

Be Evidence-Based

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