Clinical solutions for generating evidence, collaboration and growth.

RegenMed’s Circles connect practitioners from around the world in sharing, analyzing and using their invaluable real-world evidence and experiences. Powered by a patent-pending electronic data capture system, Circles offer an engaging, cost-effective solution for any number of diverse evidence-based initiatives. 

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Healthcare providers and their patients generate a trove of real-world data (RWD) each day. Yet, big data algorithms have struggled to generate actionable real-world evidence (RWE) from those petabytes of patient histories and billing information.

RWE doesn’t only require better algorithms, it needs more longitudinal, integrated and verifiable RWD.

Circles are built to generate such RWD from the notoriously challenging, exceedingly valuable and numerous,  patient/clinician interactions.


How Circles Work

One or more healthcare professionals build an observational protocol around a topic of interest, and employing inCytes™, seamlessly collect and integrate valuable RWD from a variety of untapped sources, including clinical interventions, scientific assays, and patients’ long-term outcomes.

Upon that simple framework are a flexible range of settings, services and users, which make Circles an ideal solution for any number of regulatory, research and/or marketing purposes.

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Featured Solutions

Circles for Practitioners

Practitioners sit upon a trove of valuable real-world data (RWD), but it’s not within their EMR. The “-omics” of patients, the personal nuances of procedures, and their resulting long-term outcomes are all valuable data which are commonly discarded or lost among the busy clinical practice.

Circles help practitioners, in a cost-effective, burden-free and collaborative manner, to capture and utilize such data for the advancement of their professional aspirations.

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Additional Evidence-Based Solutions Include:

Multi-Center Studies

Generating real-world data from your clinical customers.

Drug/Device Marketing

Increasing KOL/customer touch points through collaborative opportunities.

Clinical Registries

Accommodating diverse membership politics, policies and protocols.

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