Circles for
Clinical Registries

Patient registries are proven solutions to aggregate heterogenous, multi-site real-world data (RWD) against a specific indication, treatment plan or other patient-cohort. However, many registries fail to balance the individualized needs of their contributory members with the rigid structures necessary to ensure consistent, standardized aggregated RWD.

The result is poor quality RWD, unmotivated clinical members, or both; yielding a poor return on the time, costs and reputations invested in these large endeavors.

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Circles Solutions for Typical Registry Challenges:

Circles Accommodate Diverse Membership Politics, Policies and Protocols

Each registry member may have their own Circle, or mini-registry, containing their own clinical focus, data governance policy, patient consent language, internal systems and many other individualized elements. This allows registry sponsors to better accommodate and motivate a diverse set of registry participants.

Circles Aggregate Consistent, Standardized RWD from Diverse Contributors

Registry sponsors can seamlessly aggregate relevant data from multiple Circles into one or more “master-registries”.  Those individual Circles can still have their own protocols, but Root Protocols, or common sets of questions, scores and/or follow up periods, can help ensure contributors results are consistent and aggregable.

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Circles Capture Integrated, Longitudinal and Correlatable RWD Leading to Real World Evidence

Built upon an HL7/FHIR standard database, Circles allow members to craft custom eCRFs from a library of PROMs, ClinRos, custom Questions and more. Each entered data point, from patient, clinician or third-party, is properly audited, tagged, stored and made immediately available for reporting and export. Through an intuitive and visual report builder, Circle members employ their eCRF results to construct and compare cohorts against a shared outcome assessment score.

Circles Offer Registry Members Concierge Level Services

RegenMed’s full-time business is the design, implementation and growth of Circles. Its leadership represent diverse business, medical and scientific expertise to assist in the pivotal early phases, such as protocol design, approval and deployment, or later phases, such as obtainment of ROI for registry sponsors and/or members.

Everything else is supported by cost-effective marketing, service and support teams operational throughout the US and Europe.

Circles Generate New Revenue Sources from Industry without Compromising the Product-Agnosticism

Industry sponsors can brand, sponsor or even create their own, Circles. This flexibility allows Registries to determine which, if any, Circles are sponsored, and furthermore, to create sponsored Circles for more acute Industry-needs, such as sponsored studies or trials.

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