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The Foundation Of Real-World Evidence Value

Each healthcare stakeholder – whether clinician, researcher, foundation, company or patient – has an objective which can be advanced through the harnessing of real-world data.

Unfortunately, common approaches such as outcomes capture, studies, registries or timely publication of useful content often fail to achieve those objectives.  This failure is typically due to cost, time limitations, personnel constraints, poor motivation of data sources and unnecessarily complex systems and processes.

Circles and their underlying technology, inCytes™ and Benchmarc™, address those shortcomings.

Circles features include:

Minimal Burden

Automated functionality, coupled with RegenMed services, eliminate patient enrollment, outcomes capture, adverse event and other burdens for busy clinicians.  This allows them to focus on what they want to do – patient care, developing standards of care for their specific patient cohorts, analyzing aggregated data sets, and presenting their evidence-based observations to patients and peers.

Patient Education and Compliance

Today’s patient has a variety of choices regarding her care.  Clear and relevant communications are an important factor in selecting her clinician and treatment protocol.  Circles provide clear digital and, if desired, printed materials specific to a patient’s condition and prescribed treatment.  Importantly, those communications continue throughout her post-procedure treatment path, and incorporate the results of her long-term outcomes measures.  Moreover, those outcomes measures may be automatically compared by the with those of relevant patient cohorts.


On the one hand, modern medicine is increasingly specialized.  On the other, medical science recognizes the systemic nature of most diseases and therapies.  This paradox is heightened by “information overload”, as well as the growing emphasis on personalized medicine.  These trends present serious challenges to any clinician in determining appropriate standards of care for a particular condition, for a particular patient.  Efficient and purpose-driven collaboration among clinicians is a critical part of addressing these challenged.  Circles enables this collaboration with peers and experts within, or across, institutional and national boundaries.

Report Generation

Querying registries or other aggregated databases to generate posited or unexpected correlations (real-world evidence) is the exciting culmination of trials and other studies.  Circles makes this easy for the busy clinician, as well as for the experienced statistician.  The inCytes™ Report Builder allows the generation of graphs, the selection on either axis of any Question contained in the Observational Protocol, the cumulative layering of patient cohorts according to any outcomes measurement or other study criterion, and many other valuable functions.  The resulting graphs can easily be captured to support articles, conference presentations, practice website or social media posts and patient communications.

Driving Influence

Circles are designed to support the sharing of real-world evidence with peers, patients, regulators and policy makers, as and when desired by Circle Members.  Publication may be formal – journal articles, conference presentations, abstracts – or less so but nevertheless substantive.  Examples of this latter category include social media posts, physician website content, and observations shared with peers.  Real-world evidence generated by Circles can also regulatory submissions and position papers submitted to policy makers.

Financial Benefits

The real-world evidence generated through Circles can be the basis for investigator fees, opinion leader honoraria, conference stipends and product discounts.  Collaboration between product manufacturers and clinicians through Circles also supports new product development, improvement of existing ones, procedures and outcomes based on superior evidence, advanced diagnostics and other benefits with substantial commercial value.

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