Circles for Industry

Circle Members are thought leaders, developing statistically-significant and verifiable clinical evidence on a daily basis. Through Circle Academies, as well as other social media platforms, they influence professional peers, patients, regulatory agencies and other important healthcare constituencies. As such, Circle Members and the content they generate can provide substantial value to industry participants in a variety of use cases

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Circles Solutions for Industry

Attracting/Engaging Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Equip your KOLs with a Circle to support their existing motives for producing, analyzing and disseminating clinical evidence.

Physician-led Off-Label Usage

Circles support your customers’ rights and interests to develop, validate and share their unique protocols using your drug and/or device.

Learn more about Circles as Off-Label Communications Platforms for Manufacturers and Distributors in this whitepaper.

Pre- and Post-Market Regulatory Obligations

Clinical-grade Circles engage clinicians and their patients in a manner which reduces costs, delays and other pain points traditionally associated with burdensome clinical research.

Improved Clinician/Rep Interactions

Circles help your reps create new meetings, differentiate your product and its evidence-based applications, and leave behind a recurring, collaborative resource for your customer to participate within.

Controlling a Real-World Evidence Database

Seamlessly aggregate all de-identified data from any number of Circles you sponsor and begin employing your controlled database for a variety of sales, marketing and regulatory purposes.

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