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There are many dozens of Available Circles, with new ones added regularly. They cover a wide variety of indications, procedures and patient-reported outcomes measurements. All Circles allow customization at the clinician and patient level, and include full inCytes functionallity.

Circle categories

Clinician-Sponsored Circles

These are Circles funded and designed by a clinician to collect patient-reported outcomes data.  Joining the Circle is usually by invitation only.  The Circle description provides the relevant contact information.

Investigator-Initiated Circles

These are Circles designed and controlled by clinicians, but funded in whole or part by Industry.  Usually by invitation only.

Industry-Sponsored Circles

These are Circles not only funded by Industry, but where Industry has played a material role in the Circle design and patient-reported outcomes data collection.

RegenMed Circles

These are product-agnostic Circles designed by RegenMed, based on its work with dozens of clinicians around the world.  Any credentialed clinician can collect patient-reported outcomes data for this Circle category.

ongoing regenmed support of available circles

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