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Generating real-world data from your clinical customers, which support your regulatory, marketing, research or other evolving needs, has never been easier in principle. In practice, however, these efforts remain costly, complicated and time-intensive, which burdens manufacturers, clinicians and patients alike.

These burdens can range from frustrating realities, making such initiatives unappealing and infrequent, or fatal flaws which endanger the life of those relationships, study end-points or even the product/device itself.

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Circles Solutions for Typical
Manufacturer Challenges:

Circles make Clinicians’ time investments minimal and return on time tangible and valuable.

Clinicians’ time is their most valuable asset, and they do not want to spend it entering yet more data for another’s benefit. Circles reduces that clinical involvement to mere seconds per case, while providing those users with intuitive, robust and patient-centric tools which convert their data into meaningful practice benefit.

Circles are sufficiently flexible, and secure, to satisfy most regulatory and data governance policies.

Circles allow each user to determine their:
1. Server location
2. Approved patient consent language
3. Data sharing, de-identification and access rules, and much more

This flexibility allows customers to find their ideal balance between security and useability, and has allowed Circles to satisfy HIPAA, GDPR, and various other regional/institutional policies from around the world.  

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Circles offer low-cost, subscription-based pricing for studies of any size.

Circles are built upon modern, flexible technology that reduces implementation costs. Our subscription-based cost structure is based upon Users and their Cases, which allows for manufacturers to get started with minimal investments, and only pay for the elements required for their particular study.

Circles enable flexible, modifiable and multi-lingual eCRF creation for any clinical topic.

Protocol creation, review and approval, especially across a diverse number of investigators, can be a significant initial hurdle. Circles allow for easy, user-dictated eCRF building across any topic, and moreover, can allow protocol personalization across investigator sites, while preserving “Root” protocols satisfying your study criteria.

Interested in Learning More about Circles for Manufacturers?

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