Circles for
Healthcare Practitioners

Practitioners sit upon a trove of valuable real-world data. Circles help extract such data in a simple and burden-free manner, while securely connecting practitioners from around the world with shared clinical interests. Circle members combine their patient flows, clinical expertise and aggregated real-world evidence to satisfy many of their professional, academic and personal goals.

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Circles Solutions for Healthcare Practitioners

Circles make your time investment minimal, and return on time tangible and valuable.

Clinically efficient protocols, five-second patient enrollment procedures, and robust delegation features ensure your time investments are minimal. Conversely, clinical-grade audit trails, engaging patient applications and intuitive report building, make that data accessible, correlatable, and immediately applicable for academic, professional and personal use.

Patients report, compare and optimize their long-term outcomes.

Circles are built upon clinical-grade technology that include an FHIR/Hl7 standard database, engaging patient monitoring tools, and robust reporting and exporting functionality. This achieves, in a burden-free manner for KOLs, the generation of proper real-world data, leading to real-world evidence. Such data are the ideal balance between clinical accessibility and significance and drive higher quality peer-to-peer conversations around your product.

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Connect and collaborate with our global user base.

Invite a trusted colleague to your Circle, join a Circle registry on a disease topic of interest, or participate in one of our many sponsored Circle studies. Connecting, collaborating and aggregating data with our international user base is simple, secure and rewarding.

Circles are sufficiently flexible, and secure, to satisfy most regulatory and data governance policies.

Circles allow each user to determine their:  
1. Server location
2. Approved patient consent language
3. Data sharing, de-identification and access rules, and much more

This flexibility allows practitioners to find their ideal balance between security and useability, and has allowed Circles to satisfy HIPAA, GDPR, and various other regional/institutional policies from around the world.  

Make your data accessible, distributable and useful.

The value of your data extends far beyond any single study or purpose. RegenMed can help unlock that value for all aspects of your clinical practice, including clinical decision-making, patient marketing, peer presentations and publications and much more.

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Leading institutions from around the world have entrusted Circles for their evidence-based initiatives.

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