RegenMed is a healthcare data company founded in 2014. Its leadership combines decades of clinical, scientific, and business expertise.

We work as a long-term partner.  We are committed to cost-effectiveness, eliminating burden, and achieving our clients’ clinical and career objectives.

By harnessing the real-world data inherent in their everyday practices, we support physicians in improving clinical decisions, collaborating with fellow professionals, and advancing their professional goals.

We serve provider and industry clients around the world.


Data inform all aspect of healthcare.  However, “healthcare data” is unnecessarily expensive and complex.  It often answers the wrong questions.  It has failed to bend the healthcare cost curve.  It frequently disappoints in delivering evidence-based standards of care.  It frustrates rather than supports clinicians.

It need not be this way.  Our mission is to help physicians generate and productively use real-world evidence for their benefit, and that of their patients.  And to do so in a burden-free and cost-effective manner with excellent user experience.



The most valuable healthcare data are those which the clinician determines are relevant to the patient and condition in front of him.


An essential part of such data are long-term outcomes assessments, closely tied to the clinical/scientific basis of the clinical intervention.


Medical science and clinical quality depend on effective collaboration among practitioners and clinical/scientific leaders.


The most impactful research is independent, physician-led, well-structured, real-world, and accessible.


Modern systems and technology should and can reduce burden and cost for clinicians, not increase them.


Physicians should benefit from the clinical, scientific, and financial value resulting from the data inherent in their everyday clinical activities.


Circles integrate technology, processes and collaboration enabling evidence-based clinical decision making and professional advancement. They do so in an efficient, cost effective manner, with excellent user experience. Circles are ideal for:

Research  |  Private Studies  |  Registries  |  Standards of Care  |  Journal Articles  |  Conference Presentations  |  Patient Engagement  |  Education and Training  |  Regulatory Submissions  |  Reimbursement  |  Legal Compliance

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