Please contact us any time to receive further information, or to schedule an in-person call.  We would like to understand your specific financial or professional objectives.  Often, we can help by sharing our learnings from working with similar Clients.

We can also provide a short demonstration of how Circles work, and discuss how they might represent an efficient and value-added solution to your requirements.

Alternatively, you may wish first to download and “test drive” one of our Demo Circles.  As you will see, these cover a wide range of pathologies, standardized assessment protocols and procedures.  Many other functions are included in all Demo Circles, including Case creation, patient enrollment, patient educational material, Survey editing, Report generation, patient alerts and more.

All Circles, including Demo Circles, are based on the powerful inCytes™ platform.  Although it is intuitive with excellent clinician and patient user experiences, we recommend that you take a few minutes to review the Getting Started tutorials in our KnowledgeBase if this is the first time you have used the platform.  This will help get you up and running with your Demo Circle quickly.

Registering As A Clinician And Its Implications
An Overview of the Initial Circle Page layout
Enrolling a Patient
The Patient’s First Experience
Commencing a Case
The Patient’s App Dashboard
Completing A Survey
Editing A Survey
Creating A Report
Inviting Another Circle Member
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