Clinical and Commercial Value Through Real-World Evidence

RegenMed establishes long-term partnerships with its Clients, helping them achieve their objectives through real-world evidence.  The Company’s solutions are flexible, minimally burdensome, clinical grade, and scalable.  They successfully bridge the interests and environments of multiple stakeholders.

RegenMed delivers sustained return on investment, whether a Client’s goals are clinical, scientific or commercial.

The Obstacles To Value

Different legal environments, revenue models, access to resources, and definitions of “success” divide providers and industry.
However, when industry and providers are able to bridge these differences, patients benefit and medicine advances. If that collaboration is properly designed and executed, all stakeholders  generate sustainable value.

The Value of Real-World Evidence

There are over one billion clinician-patient interactions each year in the U.S.  Each generates dozens of real-world datapoints.  Properly organized, aggregated and analyzed, those data generate real-world evidence.
That real-world evidence can generate substantial value for product manufacturers, distributors, providers, payers, patients and regulators.

Designing Collaboration

Value-based collaboration among clinicians and industry accommodates the operating realities and motivations of each party.
RegenMed solutions address study design, regulatory, product development, clinical burden, IT, patient engagement, financial and other  factors key to a successful partnership.

Unlocking The Value of Real-World Evidence

Circles integrate domain expertise, technical infrastructure, collaboration tools, user experience and support processes needed to drive value from real-world evidence.
Circles benefit product manufacturers, distributors, private practices, hospitals, payers, medical societies, foundations and other healthcare stakeholders.

Illustrative Solutions

Circles are the cost-effective and scalable foundation of a wide variety of real-world evidence solutions.  Solutions representing profit centers, not cost centers.   See four solutions categories below.  Visit our Latest page to review use cases from around the world.

Outcomes Data

The first step towards developing evidence is collecting relevant outcomes data.  Laboratory tests, clinical equipment read-outs, PROMs, medical wearables outputs all generate outcomes data.
EMR data is often irrelevant to study designs.  Moreover, the data which is relevant is not captured in EMR’s.  Circles efficiently capture the outcomes data relevant to any study design.


Capturing outcomes data in the context of a Study protocol is the basis for generating value-added real-world evidence.  Circles accommodate study design and execution of any type or complexity.
Circle-based studies are characterized by scientific legitimacy, minimal clinical burden, statistical power, cost-effectiveness, and return-on-investment.


Circles enable registries through multi-center studies of any size within and across institutional and national boundaries.  Data validity is maintained despite multiple languages, or study design variations required for specific clinical settings.
Circles also allow the 24/7/365 multi-variable querying of one or several registries to derive correlations – real-world evidence – whether hypothesized or unexpected.


The true power and value of real-world evidence depend on its publication.  Circle Members develop influence through multi-channel distribution of evidence-based and multimedia content.
Value is generated for purposes of patient and HCP education, new practice revenues, professional advancement, scientific research, new indications, competitive differentiation and other purposes.
Circle Academies offer the power of social media in a secure, clinician-only environment.

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