Advisory Committees

We assemble external, multi-disciplinary advisory committees to establish strong foundations for scientific excellence, medical ethics and international growth.

An RMCE will benefit in several ways from a strong Clinical/Scientific Advisory Committee (“C/SAB”).    It will assist in the design and approval of observational protocols, the review of claims by proposed medical device and product providers, collaboration with KOL’s from industry sponsors of studies or trials to be conducted at the RMCE, the strengthening of the RMCE brand in the eyes of regulators, referring physicians and patients, suggestions from C/SAB members or their professional colleagues regarding new regenerative medicine procedures for the RMCE to offer, and assistance with journal articles or conference presentations.

Regen Med will work with the Affiliate to establish the participants, and governing procedures, of the C/SAB in a way relevant to the RMCE’s intended procedures and patient base.  Members can include existing healthcare professionals and scientists from the Regen Med Network, as well as local representatives who will add value to the RMCE’s mission.

Our Work

Establishing an Internationally Recognized Clinical/Scientific Advisory Board


Regen Med has always pursued the clinical translation of Regenerative Medicine. To do so, we needed to bridge typical siloes existing between departments, countries and of course, the laboratory and clinic. Learn how we formed our first Clinical/Scientific Advisory Board comprised of multi-disciplinary, international and a fair distribution of both basic scientists and practitioners.