Real World Evidence

inCytes™ allows clinicians to design, capture, report and share unique clinical evidence.

The evolution of variable regenerative medicine procedures into standards of care requires clinical datasets supporting the statistically-significant correlation of outcomes to observational protocols.   Those protocols must be flexible to the realities of the busy clinical setting, solve the persistent issues regarding remote patient monitoring and compliance, and to support secure aggregation and correlation of common datasets among an international, multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary user base.

inCytes™ was designed by clinicians, for clinicians,  specifically to address the foregoing needs. To learn more about our platform, and to register today for a free trial, visit us at

Our Work

Designing Correlatable Clinical Evidence


There are numerous platforms which capture standardized patient reported outcomes “PRO’s”. However, true clinical evidence lies in the correlation of these outcomes against pre- and peri-tx clinical observations. Such data are often hard to capture, and even harder to design. Learn how we supported RE.GA.IN, using our inCytes platform, to design a library of Observational Protocols against their varied offering of regenerative treatments, human cell/tissue products and over 15+ MSK pathologies.