Focused Circle Sprints

We connect two or more clinicians, with a scientific moderator, for the purpose of designing, sharing and collaborating on clinical protocols or studies.

Focused Circle Sprints are designed to foster meaningful collaboration between clinicians and scientists. Moderated by a Regen Med agent, we connect our customers with key thought-leaders from our network  over a series of video conferences. The initial conference is designed to select Human Cell/Tissue Products “HCT/P” according to the customers resources, regional location and patient population. The second meeting drafts protocols which apply the HCT/P(s) to relevant patient cohorts. The third and final meeting designs the patient outcomes and clinical observations which will validate and/or modify those protocols over time.

Key to this service’s success is Regen Med’s efforts in recruiting international experts on relevant products and/or protocols, converting these discussions to actual devices and industry relationships, and automating the outcomes and clinical observations, if desired, through its inCytes application.