Product Selection and Procurement

We help our partners select, procure, and validate regionally accessible and compliant products and devices.

A healthcare professional considering offering patients regenerative medicine procedures faces a plethora of devices, products, claims and pricing plans.  Moreover, the fast-changing science in cell-based therapies often leads to under-trained sales reps, little if any peer-reviewed data, and thinly capitalized companies with consequent limited support and other challenges.  It is easy to make a financially and/or clinically expensive mistake.  Moreover, predictable clinical outcomes and regulatory compliance require ongoing calibration and maintenance of devices, proper storage of consumables and attention to their expiry dates, and documentation of all the foregoing.

An important part of an RMCE is its Medical Ethics Committee, which is responsible for objectively reviewing the safety and efficacy claims of any device or product proposed to be used in the clinical setting.  Based on the committee’s findings, RMCE management can then determine whether to utilize the device/product, and negotiate the appropriate pricing, training, warranty and other terms.   Moreover, if there is inadequate independent support from the manufacturer for a given device/product, the RMCE is in a strong position to conduct a sponsored trial or study.

Our Work

Reducing Consumables Cost Through Competition


Cost of consumables can be a prohibiting factor in the establishment of fair patient pricing. By inviting competing brands to visit a partner RMCE, present their available evidence to a Clinical/Scientific Advisory Board, and to promote their products to a large interested body of clinicians, we were to able to validate, promote and ultimately drastically reduce pricing on a number of evidence-based devices.