Better Online Ratings with Regular Follow-ups and Reports

Published by Nicolas Tierney

September 13, 2019


Three key factors greatly affect patient online ratings.

Three key factors greatly affect whether your patients leave positive or negative ratings after a “Brazilian Butt Lift”, liposuction, or other cosmetic surgery procedure:

1. The aesthetic outcome
2. A patient’s interactions with office staff
3. Their postoperative care and follow-ups

Most notably, recent data on the last factor shows that good postoperative care — even in the setting of unfavorable outcomes or complications — can minimize your chance of a negative review. In fact, more than 50% of patients who received good postoperative care left positive reviews despite facing complications. With around 80% of consumers trusting online ratings as much as recommendations from friends and family, you can’t afford anything but a positive online presence.

inCytes™ can help reduce your chances of getting negatives reviews by optimizing your postoperative care with an integrated patient pathway. By automatically sending follow-ups and attractive reports at regular intervals, inCytes lets your patients know they’re in good hands.

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