Solutions / Private Practitioners

Practice Growth. Professional Fulfillment. Independence.

We provide services that help unlock benefits, mitigate risks and fosters collaboration for independent clinical practices.

The Challenge
Healthcare professionals enter the field to care for patients in a science-based, personalized manner. Unfortunately, limited patient engagement, data-entry requirements, RVU pressure, complex legal/regulatory environment, changing health plans and policies and the growing complexity of modern medical science are leading to deep disillusionment. While healthcare costs continue to spiral upwards, provider fees are under constant pressure. “Omics”, regenerative medicine, immunotherapies and other advances are inaccessible to most professionals, trapping them in a rote, mechanistic form of practice, with few options for genuine professional growth.

The Opportunity
Fundamental trends such as ambulatory procedures, distributed care, ASC’s, regenerative medicine and telehealth offer real opportunities to HCP’s for successful independent practices, growth of existing practices and meaningful professional fulfillment. As the distinction between direct patient care and ancillary services becomes clearer, third party capital and revenues models are evolving allowing HCP’s to focus on the former while benefiting financially and professionally from the latter.

Our Approach
We combine independent, case-specific scientific and clinical expertise with business acumen to develop solutions for hospital departments, clinics and individual practitioners. Those solutions build upon the centrality of evidence-based patient care to create structures which expand existing and attract new patient panels, support value-based medicine reimbursement as well as new patient-pay services, involve the HCP in exciting areas of medical science relevant to his/her practice, establish new revenue lines and create enduring practice equity.

Recent Example of Our Work
We are working with an independent sports medicine practitioner in Europe. He has designed and tested a unique set of treatment protocols for mid-to-severe Osteoarthritis. We deployed our inCytes™ system to help reduce clinical burdens of real world evidence capture, to help drive engagement of long-term patient follow up. Patient outcomes have been favorable, and we have secured a sponsor to subsidize the promotion of several webinars. The practitioner will be delivering these in 2021, and upon its podium disseminating his protocols to a global audience.