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Each Clinician Is An Influencer

Each practitioner is already an influencer with her patients.  Each should be an influencer within her community.  Each can be an influencer among her peers around the world.  Real-world evidence gives clinicians something important to say.
A clinician’s audience this includes not only patients, but also student interns, residents, peers, community, payers and even policy makers.  Statistically-significant evidence – and especially real-world evidence – is at the core of that influence.

Modern Approaches To Influence In Healthcare

Influencer in healthcare has traditionally relied upon peer-reviewed journal articles, formalized continuing medical education and annual conference presentations.
In the 21st century, evidence-based medicine is increasingly communicated through digital channels. YouTube, social media, video conferences, on-line journals and apps are now important sources of knowledge for medical students, experienced practitioners and of course patients.  Utilizing those channels is therefore critical to achieving the clinical and commercial objectives of providers, product manufacturers and other healthcare constituencies.
However, “content is king”.  Regardless of the publication channel, the author must have something interesting, new and – ideally — evidence-based to say.

RegenMed Solutions For Publication and Influence

RegenMed helps its Clients communicate meaningful study designs, observations, correlations, “clinical pearls’ and other valuable content to the right audiences, at the right times, and in a sustained and impactful way.  It designs and implements cost-effective digital and traditional publication programs, with a regular schedule of fresh and useful content.

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