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Make the most of your real-world evidence  

Publication of real-world evidence advances medicine, supports clinical decision-making, and educates practitioners.  RegenMed helps its Clients communicate fresh evidence-based content through multiple channels on a regular basis.

real-world data collaboration

Circles Members always have something important to say.  Creating, analyzing and using  real-world evidence is of strong interest to peers, patients and other healthcare stakeholders around the world.

multi-channel Real-World data communication

Journal articles, conference presentations, and other traditional publication platforms remain important to present real-world evidence data.  But influence in healthcare is increasingly transmitted through social media, digital events and similar Internet based channels.

Multi-Media support for real-world evidence share

RegenMed supports Circle Members in the preparation of videos, livestreams, podcasts, “digital front doors” for practice websites, and other content formats to share their real-world evidence with peers.

Sustained real-world evidence-based content production

Sustained influence requires sustained engagement.  RegenMed works with Circle Members to develop new and data-based content on a regular basis.  The Company also helps identify and regularly engage with other influencers in the field, thus further increasing the network of Circle Members.

healthcare community for sharing real-world data

Healthcare professionals are cautious about social media.  Confidentiality, unverifiability of statements, irrelevant audiences are among their legitimate concerns.  Circle Academies address these concerns while providing full social media functionality for sharing real-world evidence with healthcare professionals all over the world.

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