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Maintaining Growth in an Evolving Healthcare Landscape.

We work as a partner, not a vendor, in helping large medical centers achieve growth in a fast-evolving, and increasingly distributed healthcare market.

The Challenge
Ambulatory procedures, distributed care, telehealth, reimbursement policies, patient expectations, scientific advances, and the evolving legal environment are all forcing hospital executives to rethink their clinical, financial and operational models.    

The American Hospital Association estimates losses at hospitals from March through June of 2020 exceeded $200 billion.  COVID-19 has only accelerated the major implications for hospitals of a fundamentally changing healthcare environment.

Meanwhile, these challenges are leading to new approaches to healthcare delivery which will define the successful hospitals of the coming decades.

The Opportunity
Regenerative medicine is one of this century’s most profound healthcare developments.  Properly implemented, a regenerative medicine service line adds substantial value to existing clinical departments, as well as scientific and academic units.  It also stands on its own, leading to meaningful revenue growth through new procedures, out-of-network physician affiliations, industry support, narrow networks, improved branding and patient engagement, product incubation, attraction of clinical and scientific thought leaders and destination medicine.

Our Approach
RegenMed works with hospitals as a product-agnostic partner, not a vendor, to harness this potential.  We combine the requisite clinical, scientific, systems and business expertise to help establish and operate centers of excellence, as well as more extensive managed services organizations, based on regenerative medicine.

Recent Example of Our Work
We partnered with a large private healthcare system in Europe to launch its first Regenerative Medicine Center of Excellence. Services included business plan development, real world data capture, professional training and education, patient marketing and industry relations.  The Center has been open since 2018, has treated over 500 patients and is now licensing its brand and services to external hospital systems.  

It has captured over 200,000 pieces of real-world data, representing verifiable, longitudinal registries for over 30 regenerative medicine protocols.