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Sustainable Value, Clinical Efficiency,  Turnkey

Circles-based solutions combine the world-class inCytes™ and Benchmarc™ platforms with clinical and commercial expertise.  Together, they generate long-term value for any healthcare stakeholder.

Real-world solutions include outcomes capture, studies, registries and publication.  They can be implemented separately, or jointly.  Circles’ inherent flexibility allows any solution to begin modestly and scale to virtually any level of complexity.

Return On Investment

Client strategic priorities may be clinical, scientific, commercial, reputational or other.  Whatever their goals, real-world data are integral to achieving them.  RegenMed develops and executes Circles-based solutions with demonstrable and sustained ROI.  All solutions are designed to minimize cost and burden, and maximize benefit.

Robust Technical Platform

The inCytes™ and Benchmarc™ platforms provide world class architecture, functionality and regulatory compliance.  They provide flexibility, scalability and comprehensive support for individual as well as enterprise users.

Excellent User Experiences

Each Circle offers separate user experiences for clinicians, staff, patients, researchers and study sponsors.  Those user experiences are intuitive and attractive, and offered in any language.

Network Effects

The inherent scalability of Circles enables Clients to maximize  their value.  Their inherent network effects  mean more qualified patients, more reimbursable procedures, more sales, deeper HCP and patient engagement and broader influence.  Scalability and network effects are key to turning the usual data-collection cost center into a profit center.

Operational Efficiency

Clinicians, sales staff, researchers, department heads and society board members all value efficiency and turnkey data solutions matching their specific objectives and environments.  Circles help our Clients achieve more with less.

Not All Data; Only The Right Data

There is no shortage of real-world data.  There is, however, a shortage of intelligent, cost-effective approaches to collecting and using them.
The large majority of EMR, claims and other “big” data are irrelevant to most real-world clinical and scientific questions.  They are often expensive and time-consuming to collect.  Finally, they represent poor data integrity, leading what the American Medical Association has referred to as “digital snake oil”.
. . . . big data in healthcare has unique challenges. Laws and regulations . . . data collection, data transformation, data modeling and knowledge creation. . . . changes to electronic health records and digital tools are needed in order to establish consistent data entry practices. . . .

Forbes, The Future Challenges Of Big Data In Healthcare, Tabata, 2021

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