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Browser Troubleshooting

The following browser recommendations will improve your experience using Benchmarc™.

1. Use supported browser

Please make sure that you use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. We cannot guarantee smooth user experience on iOS 11 and lower.

Find out if your device is compatible with our app.

2. Use Incognito Mode / Private Browsing

We recommend you to use the Incognito Mode / Private Browsing mode in your browser instead of cleaning cache or website cookies. User sessions initiated in such mode won't rely on previous data.

       a. Open the system email from our Benchmarc™ application. You may want to use            search for "Benchmarc" as a sender

       b. Right-click the blue call-to-action button and select "Open link in incognito            window" (Windows) / "Open Link in New Private Window" (macOS)

3. Try a different browser and/or move to a different computer.

You may find it helpful to have more than one browser installed on your computer. If you run into problems using Benchmarc™, moving to another browser may resolve your issues. You can also try moving to a different computer to see if the problem persists. This may help to discern whether your issue was a problem with your browser or computer, or with Benchmarc™.

Still having problems?

If the issue persists in several browsers, and on different computers, please report your problem to

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