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Keyboard Accessibility

General rules:

  • To navigate through tabs, links, buttons, forms, and other controls - use Tab.  
  • To select your answer, press Space/Enter

Completing survey

Single Choice Questions:

  • Select the required answer with the help of arrows
  • Click Tab to move forward to the following question

Multiple choice questions:

  • Use Tab to navigate through answer options
  • To select a particular answer, press Enter (to unselect, press Escape)
  • Press Space to check the box with the required answer (double space to uncheck)

Date questions:

  • Type in the required date or
  • Press Tab, then Enter/Space to open the calendar
  • Use arrows (⇅⇆) to move through the calendar
  • Press Enter when the correct date is highlighted

Scale questions:

  • Press Tab to select the slider
  • Click the arrow (⇄) to increase or decrease slider value
  • Double-press Tab to select the slider again
  • Move the slider further using the left/right arrows
  • Repeat the mentioned steps until you reach the desired result

Click Space/Enter to submit the survey.

Screen Readers

BenchmarcTM now includes the support of screen reader devices to make it easier for people with low vision to use their personal patient portals.

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