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Getting Started with your first Circle

We make it easy to learn more about Circles, or to get started with your first Circle.  Choose any one of the following options.

Demo Circles

In fewer than two minutes, you can download and use one or more Demo Circles at no charge, and for as long as you wish.  Investigate on your own the powerful yet clinically efficient functionality of Circles, as well as the user experience from the clinician’s and the patient’s standpoints.

Open Outcomes Circles

Collecting outcomes data is a good first step for  generating value through a Circle.  Our library of Outcomes Circles contains standardized, and custom, assessment protocols and scoring algorithms across a variety of clinical specialties and indications.  We add new ones regularly.
At $35 per subscription month, and $5 per Case, cancellable any time upon 30 days’ notice, Outcome Circles offers immediate return-on-investment through improved clinical decision-making and patient engagement.

Open Registry Circles

Join clinical peers from around the world in contributing to, discussing and benefiting from Open Registry Circles.  Each is built upon a product-agnostic, longitudinal and scientifically-validated study design.
All Open Registry Circles feature the robust yet minimally-burdensome Circles functionality.  Each Circle Member controls her own data, while enjoying 24/7/365 access to ever growing aggregated datasets yielding clinically usable real-world evidence for a variety of specific indications and interventions.
At $5 per Case, $35 per month subscription fee, cancellable upon 30 days’ notice, Open Registry Circles are priced the same as Open Outcomes Circles, but offer far higher value.

CUSTOM Circles

Many providers wish to customize their Circles, develop their own Observational Protocols, add team members and collaborators, develop a patient or peer publication program, obtain industry funding and otherwise take full advantage of a Circle’s potential.
RegenMed is able to accommodate many such requests.  Contact us any time to discuss your specific requirements.

Circle Academies

Visit and participate in any of our “Members Only” Circle Academies. There, you will find a wide range of multimedia presentations, discussions, livestreams.  All content is moderated, and organized according to specific indications, products, protocols and other clinically-relevant topics.
Each Open Registry Circle has a dedicated Space in our Real-World Evidence Circle Academy (Members Only).

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Knowledge Base

Our KnowledgeBase contains full length articles, written and video tutorials and other materials to help those who are first considering Circles, as well as those who are using its more advanced features.

Contact Us

Please contact us any time to receive further information, or to schedule an in-person call.  We would like to understand your specific financial or professional objectives.  Often, we can help by sharing our learnings from working with similar Clients.  We can also provide a short demonstration of how Circles work, and discuss how they might represent an efficient and value-added solution to your requirements.
Please Contact Us for More Information.