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RegenMed connects healthcare professionals in generating real-world evidence for superior outcomes and value.

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Real-World Evidence

Real-world evidence (RWE) is essential to providing patients, providers, manufacturers and regulators the medical/scientific basis they need to develop and substantiate the great majority of their clinical, scientific and commercial decisions. RWE are derived from Real-World Data (RWD) which are clinically integrated, longitudinal, transparent, verifiable and statistically significant.

Even among the petabytes of available EMR/EHR and other system data, and despite tremendous advances in AI, search algorithms and other machine-based searches, such RWD are largely absent. The industry needs better RWD, not only better analytics.


Clinical solutions for generating evidence, collaboration and growth.

Circles enable any healthcare professional and their patients to begin generating actionable RWE from their routine clinical care. Then, powered by the AWS Cloud, Circle members can privately and securely connect with colleagues to aggregate, benchmark and otherwise enhance the value of their shared RWE.

Customers from around the world have chosen Circles for a broad range of evidence-based clinical topics and business models.

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Transforming how you use patient data

Circles are built upon a proprietary, patent-pending electronic data capture technology, inCytes™. This software as a service SaaS, powered by AWS Cloud, marries clinical-grade features with simple, intuitive interfaces built for the busy clinical realities of its users.

The technology complies with most local and national privacy laws, and delivers new updates each month for its growing global userbase.

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