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Clinical and Commercial Value Through Real-World Evidence

Though prevalent, real-world data is usually unstructured, ignored and poorly validated.  Circles address these challenges in a cost-efficient, minimally burdensome and value-added manner.

Transformation chart. Real-world Data through Circles into Value: Clinical, Scientific, Financial, Reputational.


Clinician-Patient Interactions
Laboratory Diagnostics
Wearables, Remote Bio-sensors
Healthcare Databases


Clinical/Scientific Expertise
Study Design and Execution
Longitudinal Data Capture/Aggregation
Global Collaboration
Powerful Report Generation


Profit Center, Not A Cost Center
Focus On Client Objectives
Return On Investment
Bridge Provider/Industry Objectives
Sustain and Expand initiatives

RegenMed works with healthcare stakeholders around the world to identify, capture and extract value from real-world data. Stakeholders include providers, product manufacturers, payers and not-for-profits.  The value generated by Circles is clinical, scientific, financial and reputational.

Illustrative Solutions

Learn more below about our solutions for Providers and Industry.  Visit our Latest page to review use cases from around the world.

Outcomes Data

Standard PROMs  |  Customizable Scoring Algorithms  |  Automated Patient Enrollment/Longitudinal Engagement  | Cell/Tissue Characterization  |  Imaging  |  Bio-sensors


Simple to Complex  |  Design  |  Execution  |  Patient Enrollment/Engagement  |  Multi-Center  |  IRB Support |  Inherent Collaboration  |  Funding Opportunities


Canonical Questions  |  Data Integrity  | Sophisticated Reports  |  Global Reach  | Administrative Tools  |  Data Ownership/Use  |  Scalable and Flexible


Multi-channel Publication  |  Fresh Multi-media Content  |  Regular Distribution  | Circle Academies  |  Practice Website Pages  |  Targeted Audiences

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