Connections as a Social Network for Healthcare Professionals

Circle Academy: Healthcare Social Media

Join healthcare social media for clinicians from around the world to discuss evidence-based clinical approaches, achieving predictable and superior outcomes, obtaining reimbursement, engaging with industry, evolving standards of care and other topics relevant to your everyday practice.

Why Circle Academy?

Circle Academy is a “safe space” where healthcare professionals from around the world present, learn and otherwise interact in the context of their specific clinical practices and aspirations.  They do so in a collegial, moderated environment, and at a time and manner most convenient to them.

Being a kind of healthcare social media, Circle Academy is an excellent vehicle for medical societies, medical schools, foundations, hospital departments and other organizations interested in extending their reach.

Illustrative Academy Topics raised in our healthcare social media

  1. How does a busy practitioner develop and utilize RWE in the context of her everyday cases?
  2. How do clinicians benefit professionally and financially from RWE?
  3. Evidence-based protocols and outcomes in specific practice areas.
  4. Can I obtain industry sponsorship for RWE studies?
  5. Using RWE for patient education and compliance.
  6. How do I develop my professional “brand” through RWE?
  7. Collaborating with peers and experts I generating and analyzing RWE.
  8. Using RWE to support legal/regulatory issues.
  9. How does a practitioner provide procedures based on orthobiologics?

healthcare social media Functionality

Each Academy incorporates modern social media functionality, including multimedia presentations, private chats, robust search capabilities, threaded comments and live-stream events.  All content is moderated.  Each Academy is “open” 24/7/365.  With participation from practitioners from around the world, its content is original and regularly refreshed.

Real-World Evidence Circle Academy  

Real-World Evidence Circle Academy

A Circle Academy may be thought of as an “always-on” medical conference but with far greater functionality and convenience for its members.  In these Academies, only credentialed healthcare practitioners can post and view content.  They also contain separate “spaces” similar to social media chats where Circle members wishing to further limit their discussions can do so.  Each Academy also has an “Industry” space.
More information can be found in the FAQ section of the Circle Academy.

Join Real-World Evidence Circle Academy

Membership is free of charge to clinicians. Members will have access to all open spaces in the academy and may request to join any locked spaces. Click “Join” to request membership to the Real-World Evidence Circle Academy. You will be prompted to fill out your information for our review. Upon approval, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to register and gain access to the Academy.

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