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What Circles Are Not

A Circle is not merely an EDC, PROM, CRO, EMR or other data software platform.  It is not a cost center.  It is not a partial or tactical solution.

Circles do not involve high initial, ongoing or hidden costs.  They do not impose contractual commitments.  They do not require additional staff.  They do not impose administrative burden on clinicians or existing staff.

Circles do not make it difficult to obtain your data, or integrate with other platforms.  They do not have complex or non-intuitive user interfaces.  Circles are not inflexible or one-size-fits all.  They do not become obsolete.

What Circles Are

A Circle is greater than the sum of its parts.  Those parts are a patented technical platform for physicians (inCytes™) and patient engagement (Benchmarc™), the professional peers and domain experts who are Circle Members, and the integrated processes to eliminate burden and generate value.

A Circle is thus a turnkey, cost-effective and minimally burdensome solution for better clinical decision making, research, value-based care, evidence-based protocols, registries, collaboration, publication and professional advancement.

A Circle creates statistically and clinically significant real-world evidence, a cornerstone of clinical excellence, health equity and medical advances.  A Circle is thus an excellent way to engage with industry sponsors in an ethical and mutually beneficial manner.

Circles are applicable to any medical specialty, indication or patient population.  Each Circle is focused on a specific clinical or scientific topic of interest to its Members.  

A Circle may involve one or more standardized outcomes assessments, and may also include clinical/scientific data.  All Circles are highly customizable in terms of member criteria, data control, patient messaging, report generation, language, branding, and other elements.

Visit our Latest page or our Linked In account to see examples of how clinicians around the world are using, and deriving value from, Circles.  Or contact us to discuss your specific objectives.

Getting Started With Circles

It is easy to set up and begin using one or more Circles.  There are three ways to do so:

Available to all licensed clinicians.
Outcomes assessments and clinical surveys of broad interest across a wide variety of medical specialties.
Customized branding and certain other elements.
Circle Hours, Reports and Newsletters.

$5 / Case

$35 / Monthly Subscription

Designed by physicians, researchers, or industry sponsors.
Each has its own study protocol, membership criteria, and roles and permission settings.
May provide for investigator fees, product discounts or other compensation.
May include IRB approval, clinical, scientific, statistical, publication, or other support.

$5 / Case

$35 / Monthly Subscription

Design and fully brand your own Circles.
Maintain control over aggregated datasets, members, publication, and other elements.
A Circle can typically be up and running in two weeks or less.

$5 / Case

$35 / Monthly Subscription

$500 / Circle for individual clinicians.

$3,500 / Initial Circle and $500 / Additional Circle for Industry and Larger Provider Groups


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