Whatever Your Goals, Gettings Started Could Not Be Easier . . .

If you are interested in participating in an existing Circle, or starting your own, this page is for you. (Our “What Is A Circle” page summarizes the clinical, professional, and financial benefits of Circles.)

Start A Circle

Many of our clinical clients appreciate the control and other benefits which come with starting their own Circles.  Contacting us through this form is the best way to do so.  You can be up and running in a matter of days - always with the ability to cancel upon thirty days' written notice.
Or if you want more information before you contact us, please see the use cases on our Latest and LinkedIn pages.
You may want to look through some of the Circles described below.

Open Access Circles And Private Circles

To view available Circles now, please go directly to the Join A Circle section below.  The following section will describe the types of Circles available, as well as how to find and join the one most relevant to your practice and professional objectives.

The Join A Circle library falls into two categories: Open Access and Private.  The differences are as follows:


Open Access Circles represent dozens of standardized, validated outcomes assessments and clinical surveys which are applicable across a wide variety of medical specialties.  Each includes full inCytes™ and Benchmarc™ functionality, and allows customization for the clinician and certain other elements.

RegenMed distributes monthly e-mails to Members of all Open Access Circles presenting and discussing various reports derived from the Circle’s aggregated datasets.  In addition, Open Access Circles with more than ten contributing Members benefit from regular livestreamed Circle Hours, and other collaborative features of Circle Academies.

Any licensed clinician may join an Open Access Circle.  They are an excellent way to observe a Circle in action, and then participate as and when he is ready to do so.  $5 per Case, and $35 per month, cancellable any time upon 30 days’ notice.


Private Circles are designed by physicians, researchers, or industry sponsors.  Each has its own study protocol, membership criteria, and roles and permission settings.  Many Private Circles provide for investigator fees, product discounts or other compensation to co-investigators.  Private Circles may involve IRB’s, medical ethics committees, scientific experts, medical statisticians, publication, and/or other elements.  If accepted into the Circle, and assuming no sponsor financial support, $5 per Case, and $35 per month, cancellable any time upon 30 days’ notice.

Join A Circle

For qualifying providers, joining an existing Circle is a great way to understand the benefits and possibilities of Circles at a minimal cost, and with virtually no administrative burden.  Here is how to do so:


Search below for the currently available Circle(s) addressing the pathologies, treatment protocols, outcome assessment scores or other clinical/scientific criteria of interest.


Click to see the "Preview" page. There, you will find detailed Circle information, including screenshots of reports and portions of the Observational Protocol.


Click on the "Apply To Join" button.


You will hear within a matter of days from the Circle Founder and RegenMed regarding next steps.

If there is a Circle topic of interest which you do not see, please let us know.  We are regularly adding new ones to our Join A Circle library.

Join A Circle Library

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