StemMedical’s Regenerative Aesthetics Registry

May 12, 2021

RegenMed closed an agreement with StemMedical A/S to construct and manage a private real-world evidence registry for regenerative aesthetic procedures for their Stemform® brand.

StemMedical, located in Søborg, Denmark, provides clinicians with autologous culture expanded adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ASCs) that can be mixed with patient’s adipose (≥ 20 million ASCs/ml fat) to form a natural and highly effective fill material to augment volume in patient’s face, buttocks and/or breasts.

The registry will capture critical data points along the customer journey, including demographics and consent, clinical observations around the liposuction and ASC-enriched Lipofilling procedures, characterization and toxin screens of the SVF product, and various methods of objective outcomes capture, including volume assessment, fat retention calculation, and various 3D image analyses. Patients and clinicians use the Stemform® registry to report upon their outcomes up to ten years, compare their objective results in real-time against themselves and others, and access their own library of high-quality, clinical, and 3D rendered before/after images.

StemMedical is targeting a late-May / early-June launch and will standardize registry access for all plastic surgeons within the growing network of clinical affiliates offering the Stemform® brand.

Contact us to learn more about StemMedical® and its Regenerative Aesthetic Registry; Stemform®.

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