Christian Jorgensen, M.D., M.B.A.


Christian Jorgensen’s clinical interests are in stem cells, immunology and rheumatology. He is head of the clinical unit, “Immuno-therapy Rheumatology”, at the University Hospital “Lapeyronie” (Montpellier). He leads Institute IRMB dedicated to regenerative medicine, and the clinical department for immunotherapy with 20 beds dedicated to biotherapy applied to Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. Pr Christian Jorgensen, a specialist in Therapeutics and Rheumatology, is head of research INSERM unit U844 (“mesenchymal stem cells, joint environment and immunotherapy of Rheumatoid arthritis”) Hôpital Saint Eloi – INM (Montpellier – France). Since the beginning of the unit in 2007, he animates this group composed by 35 permanent researchers dedicated to therapeutic innovation in the field of arthritis and diseases of cartilage. C Jorgensen is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine Montpellier-Nimes (responsible teacher of DES Rheumatology). He is also responsible for teaching the Master Pro “Evaluation & methodology of therapeutic trials. He is experts for Biologics at French National Authority or Health (HAS), where he was former member of Transparency Comity at HAS, and member of national commission of Inserm.

C. Jorgensen has published extensively (over 170 publications in the field of Immunology and stem cell therapy applied for rheumatic diseases), and has a strong track record for competitive research grant from EU and ANR. He has coordinated a program of 2004-2007 FP6 integrated project Genostem : Adult mesenchymal stem cells engineering for connective tissue disorders. He is also a principal investigator in the Integrated Project 6th FP-healing: Post-genomic Approaches for inflammatory rheumatic disease, Leading to the development of Improved therapy. Finally, today it coordinates the FP7 ADIPOA project, a large scale project focusing on adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in osteoarthritis therapy, since 2010.

Christian Jorgensen, M.D., M.B.A.

Director, Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapy
University of Montpellier


Doctor of Philosophy, University Paris, 1991

Doctor of Medicine, University Paris, 1991