Opinion: American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Position

Statement Principles for Responsible Use of Regenerative Medicine in Sports Medicine

November 10, 2021

This recently published position statement by the AMSSM summarily articulates the opportunities, risks and considerations for inclusion of orthobiologics into a modern sports medicine practice.  

What leaps out at us, having been privy to the slow, at times chaotic, but seemingly inevitable global adoption of these therapies for more than seven years, is the growing inequity between hundreds of thousands of patients treated and the continued debates upon, or outright absence of, strong, definitive clinical data. This isn’t to say that these therapies don’t work, but rather, that the world is much more advanced at delivering this sort of care than understanding it.  

This no longer needs to be the case. The rising role and acceptance of real-world evidence, the increased availability of clinically efficient data capture technologies and the growing interconnectivity and collaboration of globally disparate, but singularly minded, “good actor” practitioners, hold the combined weight to convert growing patient volumes into evidence-based standards of care. Such evidence-based practitioners will help advance the field, but on a more practical, personal level, they will find collecting and contributing such evidence useful for a good number of AMSSM’s expert recommendations, including:

  • Patient Education
  • Patient Selection
  • Regulatory Documentation and Submissions
  • Clinical Decision-Making
  • Product Quality Control
  • Informed Patient Consent
  • Professional Collaboration and Training
  • Publications and Presentations

RegenMed hopes that this continued leadership among good clinical actors, paired with growing volumes of integrated, longitudinal and statistically-significant real-world data, help answer those persistent questions leading to better options and outcomes for patients around the world.

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