Ardent Animal Health, LLC Prepares Circles for Leading Animal Clinical Registry in 2022

December 20, 2021

Regenerative medicine and precision cancer care may be the future of healthcare for humans, but it is yesterday’s news for forward-thinking company Ardent Animal Health, LLC. Ardent and its affiliated veterinary clinics have treated more than 20,000 horses, dogs and cats with their innovative regenerative and oncology armamentarium. These therapies have shown promising results with degenerative joint and oncological indications — even in instances where traditional therapies have failed — creating a growing list of “petsimonials”.

Working with RegenMed, Ardent plans on launching a leading clinical data registry in early 2022 to aggregate and assess those animal outcomes. Bolstered by participation from more than 1,000 affiliated clinics, Ardent anticipates that their data will play a pivotal role in helping to standardize regenerative treatments and precision cancer care for animals, and perhaps one day, their owners, too.

Thomas Masterson, President of Ardent Animal Health, states, “Aggregating data and sharing patient outcomes is integral to the sustainability of innovative technology. Our veterinarian customers are outstanding clinicians and scientists. RegenMed will unlock collaboration and allow for a registry that is aimed to raise the standard of care for veterinary patients.”

Ardent Animal Health will launch its first two Circles for Osteoarthritis and Oncology in early 2022.

To learn more about Ardent Animal Health or its Circle, contact us today.

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