Better Hip OA Outcomes Through E-Patient Monitoring and Reporting

Published by Nicolas Tierney

June 27, 2019


Positive results for PRP treatments in Hip OA when compared to hyaluronic acid.

Multiple studies presented this year have revealed positive results for PRP treatments in Hip OA when compared to hyaluronic acid and other conventional treatments. Most notably, one trial showed only 11% of patients who got PRP shots in their hips went on to get a hip replacement compared to 50% in the hyaluronic acid group over the course of 6 months. Other important results for PRP include:

1. Better HOOS scores and other PROMs
2. Increased ROM in patients
3. Higher patient satisfaction

These sorts of studies are easy to recreate and validate, as long as you have the tools to e-monitor patient HOOS scores, reward PROM completion with engaging progress reports, and correlate those outcomes to pre-clinical factors, such as the characterization of your PRP product.

The inCytes™ app offers all of these features and more, allowing you to design the surveys, reports, and evidence for any pathology or product.

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