Luis Gallego, MD: Balancing Surgical Interventions With Outcomes

September 6, 2023

RegenMed works with hospital systems, medical societies, and large medical product companies around the world.  Circles help them generate clinical and financial value from real-world evidence in established as well as emerging medical specialties.

We are also proud to work with independent clinicians such as Dr. Luis Gallego.

Dr. Gallego practices in the historic city of Almeria, Spain, performing about 350 shoulder and knee surgeries annually.  He would perform another 800 if he did not feel those patients would have better outcomes with alternative approaches.  His data show that 80% of the patients he treats with biologics enjoy long-term improvement on standardized scores such as WOMAC.  

Real-world data are an essential part of any medical research – whether formal trials or clinical decision support.  Those data remain a major untapped asset of most medical practices.  Circles ensure that the cost and burden of developing real-world evidence are negligible, but that the returns are manifold and substantial.  

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