Medical Societies Adding Value To Their Members, and Advancing Their Mission

Published by Nicolas Tierney

September 14, 2019

Professional medical societies are committed to providing value to their members, and advancing science and clinical excellence. They do so through education, fostering collaboration and often engagement with regulators. However, the plethora of conferences, the dynamic nature of medicine, members’ busy clinical schedules, funding limitations and lack of engagement between meetings all challenge societies’ desire to maintain their relevance and impact. While most societies have third parties to assist with conference logistics, few have the outside support needed to achieve even a fraction of the potential of their mission.

inCytes™ — developed by clinicians for clinicians – allows societies to add real value to members’ everyday practices at nominal cost. A society-designed study enhances education, evidence-based clinical procedures and continuous, real-time collaboration in a manner highly attractive to physicians. The society will justify membership dues, attract more members, establish new revenue opportunities and increase its scientific and clinical relevance.

Illustrative uses of inCytes™ by a medical society include:

  1. Development of society-branded and product-agnostic Observational Protocols and Reports specific to the society and its clinical/scientific focus.
  2. Invitation to existing and prospective members to participate in a corresponding study, based on members’ current clinical practices and utilizing inCytes™.
  3. Collection of real-world data through the society, which then converts it into real-world evidence as increasingly demanded by regulators, providers, payers and patients.
  4. Reports on results throughout year, or at next annual meeting. Society-specific registry.

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