MSCs for Knee Osteoarthritis: Bioxcellerator’s Ongoing Real World Study

September 8, 2022

Bioxcellerator, located in Medellin, Colombia, treats patients from around the world with its unique, expanded MSC therapy from Wharton’s Jelly. They have been tracking their patients’ outcomes for over a year, and have granted us permission to share the following early and RWE derived insights:

  1. This ongoing study focuses on every knee osteoarthritis case treated at Bioxcellerator (they have similar ongoing studies for other indications).
  2. The primary endpoint is the WOMAC scale, which is answered easily by patients from their own mobile devices.
  3. The study currently has 120 patients, 25 of whom have reached the 6-month time point.
  4. Out of those 25, WOMAC scores were reduced by an average of ~55%, indicating substantially reduced pain (+ is the plotted mean).
  5. Diving deeper, 6 of the 25 patients were non-responders, reporting very little change from their baseline measurement. Of the remaining 19, the average WOMAC score reduction was ~75%, demonstrating an even greater diminishment of pain.

These follow up data are crucial to helping Bioxcellerator better understand their patients’ outcomes, communicate those expected outcomes to new patients, and achieve more predictable outcomes for all. Upcoming insights will include identifying the patient criteria more commonly associated with non-responders, as well as obtaining statistically significant 12 month follow-ups.

To learn more about Bioxcellerator, click here.

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