Platelets. Spin Optimization. Real World Study.

April 16, 2021

Recalling the deeds of Jonas Salk, David Pritchard, August Bier; it is admirable, but not so uncommon, that an enterprising scientist and/or clinician would use their own bodies in a study. Such is the case with Dr. Sameh Elguizaoui of New York Orthopedics in NYC, who when frustrated by the disparity of standards and outcomes from PRP processing methodologies, cast an eye to his own blood.

Dr. Elguizaoui would ultimately compare 5 samples of his own blood, each with different centrifugation times and durations, against a single vial of his whole blood. Using a PRP characterization service offered at the Fortier Comparative Orthopedic and Regenerative Laboratory, he was able to characterize all 6 samples to contrast platelet concentrations. The results are part of a larger effort to help Dr. Elguizaoui achieve more predictable outcomes for his orthobiologic patients, while offering distinctive, transparent and evidence-based care to his patients.

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