Severe OA, Intra-Osseous Injections, ESSKA Congress

April 22, 2021

Despite remarkable growth in value and international interest, the field of orthobiologics and regenerative medicine continues to rely upon “standards” derived from case studies, clinical opinions, and/or inadequate clinical evidence. Dr. Catalán, certified orthopedic surgeon and founder of Catalán Trauma Sports Medicine Center wants to change that.

Dr. Catalan’s activity, situated in sunny Palma Mallorca, Spain, is mainly focused on intra-osseous PRP and BMAC injections for treating severe Knee OA. With the support of a leading manufacturer, he has developed several Circles which correlate PRP and BMAC characterization results, from his own hematology analyzer, against the long-term, remotely monitored outcomes of his patients. The result is the generation of real-world evidence which substantiates his approach, informs standards leading to predictable outcomes, and has attracted the participation of other doctors in Spain.

Dr. Catalán is presenting his real-world evidence results and protocols at ESSKA Virtual Congress (11-15 May, 2021) and at the SEROD (Knee Spanish Society) meeting next September in Spain. If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Catalán, his upcoming presentations, or his Circles please contact us.

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