FDA approval news about  stem cell therapy with picture from real-world data presentation.

Product Adoption and Improvement, Customer Engagement,  Legal Compliance

Clinician Engagement

Support hypotheses  |  Establish standards of care  |  Compare alternative protocols  |  Organize records into useful studies  |  Benefit from value-based medicine  |  Develop better patient case histories
. . . Effectively engaging patients in their care is essential to improve health outcomes, improve satisfaction with the care experience, reduce costs, and even benefit the clinician experience. . .

Engaging Patients in Decision-Making.  Krist et al., 2017. HHS Public Access

Patient Engagement

Evidence-supported patient education materials  |  Post-procedural communications  |  Adverse event monitoring  |  Patient advocacy group support

Product Improvement / Development

Actionable feedback from clinical customers  |  Integrate researchers and clinicians  |  Actionable data on protocol variations, patient cohorts, dosages, injection sites, etc  |  Refine instruction, training materials.

New Indications

Observe clinical discussions regarding off-label use  |  Collect preliminary data for IND’s, IDE’s

Regulatory Submissions

IND’s, IDE’s, PMA’s, Post-Market Surveillance, IRB’s and Medical Ethics Committees  |  Real-World Evidence  |  Registries  |  Support regulatory position papers  |  Legislative initiatives.


New CPT codes  |  Value-based medicine  |  Narrow networks  |  Out-of-pocket procedures.

Membership, Impact and Funding

Turnkey, integrated platform  |  Low-cost  |  Flexible and scalable  |  Excellent user experience for clinical staff and patients  |  Full support  |  Customizable
. . .  With a platform, the critical asset is the community and the resources of its members.  In this networked world, the traditional consumer becomes an active producer who adds knowledge and value to the system in a positive feedback loop. . . .

Harvard Business Review, Van Alstyne et al., 2016

Network Effect

Inherent network effects  |  Capitalize on existing and new KOL potential  |  Expand influence, audiences and quality/frequency of communications

Platform Benefits

Turnkey, integrated platform  |  Low-cost  |  Flexible and scalable  |  Supported by robust processes and support  |  Excellent user experience for clinical staff and patients  |  Commercial, clinical and scientific expertise
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