Healthcare professionals  use tablets with inCytes™ software

Practice growth, Patient engagement, funding,  Regulatory compliance

Clinical Decision Support

Support hypotheses  |  Establish standards of care  |  Compare alternative protocols  | Organize records into useful studies  | Benefit from value-based medicine  |  Develop better patient case histories

Patient Engagement

Improve practice branding and reviews  |  Automate enrollment, outcomes follow-up and compliance  |  Improve reviews and word-of-mouth  |  Segment patient panels in a clinically useful manner  |  Patient education and communication materials customized for condition and interventional protocol


Additional reimbursement opportunities  |  Speaker honoraria  |  Product discounts  |  Study Investigator fees  |  Conference travel purses  |  Direct-pay protocols  |  Enhance practice equity  |  Career advancement  |  Product development


Learn from, teach to, discuss with peers and experts around the world  |  Co-author articles and presentations  |  Coordinate internal clinical teams around evidence-based protocols  |  Add statistical power to your studies  |  Benefit from group purchasing


Multi-media content based on real world evidence  |  Long- and short-form  |  Multi-channel distribution  |  Regular posting of fresh, valuable information  |  Patient-focused and clinician-focused  |  Practice website  |  Outcomes page  |  Circle Academies

Regulatory Compliance

Support marketing claims with evidence  |  Document “minimal manipulation”, “same-day surgical procedure”, “autologous”, homologous”, endotoxin measurements, cell/tissue characterization records, consumables viability, equipment maintenance  |  IRB communications

Minimal Burden

Turnkey, integrated platform  |  Low-cost  |  Flexible and scalable  |  Excellent user experience for clinical staff and patients  |  Full support  |  Customizable
. . .  Burnout takes a toll on physicians, their patients, and their practices. Short visits, complicated patients, lack of control, electronic health record stress, and poor work-home balance can lead to physicians leaving practices they once loved, poor patient outcomes, and shortages in primary care physicians. . . .

U.S. Dept Health Human Services, AHRQ, 2017
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