BMA in Sports Medicine: An Evidence-based Approach in NYC

June 23, 2021

Dr. Jaspal Singh, Vice-Chair and Associate Professor of Weill Cornell’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, specializes in providing comprehensive, personalized treatment plans. This, coupled with a growing patient interest, has inspired him to add regenerative medicine expertise to his clinical armamentarium.

Working with RegenMed, and pictured here with Nicolas Tierney, COO, Dr. Singh is developing a series of Circles that support evidence-based clinical decision making in this new field. Components of his Circles will include:

   1.    Institutional IRB approval with a focus on common MSK indications.

   2.    Remote patient monitoring, outcomes capture, and benchmarking for up to two years post-treatment

   3.    Characterization and correlation of specific markers within Human/Cell Tissue Products “HCT/P” assays.

   4.    A regular webinar series, sharing his real-world data results and recommendations with colleagues.

   5.    An open invitation to other “Good Actors” who wish to aggregate and interpret similar real-world data.

To learn more about Dr. Singh’s procedures, Circles, or upcoming webinar series, please contact us.

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