Regen Med Attendance at ICRS 2019 Summit in Vancouver

Published by Nicolas Tierney

October 29, 2019


Regen Med was in attendance at the recent ICRS meeting in Vancouver, Canada, to connect with global scientists, clinicians and industry in the pursuit of improved cartilage repair, replacement and regeneration.

Key takeaways included:

  • Regen Med sat down with Profs. Lisa Fortier, Daniel Grande, and Dr. John Kennedy to form a Clinical/Scientific Advisory Board for its Regenerative Medicine Services of New York “RMSNY”. RMSNY will act as a managed services company, providing funding, support and guidance to affiliated Regenerative Medicine centers and its clinicians in the NY area. Immediate Board activities will include determining the high standards of excellence required amongst clinics and clinicians to participate in its clinical network. The first approved center, Tribeca Center for Regenerative Medicine, opens in Q1 2020.

  • The ICRS patient registry distributed its first annual report since its inception and announcement in Sorrento, 2016. Despite the inherent and unavoidable challenges in typical registries, its membership seems to be growing in number and contributions. inCytes was introduced and is being currently vetted as a suitable platform for ICRS’ plans of expansion.

  • Registries were a common topic of interest among the exhibiting sponsors. Most companies had prior experience with having run a registry in the past, and the more sizable companies had several concurrent registries ongoing. Challenges in compliance, motivation, incentives and validity of aggregated data seemed to be shared by all. We presented our COR product, powered through inCytes, as a solution to those typical problems. We are responding to several RFPs and hope to launch these CORS in early 2020.

  • We are in discussions with several other key attendees for the formation of RMCE networks in Poland, Israel, Germany, Amsterdam, France and Italy, and were able to reconnect with many to further those discussions.

Regen Med will next attend and speak at the Sports Medicine International Congress in Moscow on November 22-24th.

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