Regen Med Attendance at the 5th International Symposium Intra-Articular Treatment (ISIAT)

Published by Nicolas Tierney

November 11, 2019


Regen Med was a sponsor and exhibitor at the recent ISIAT meeting in Lisbon Portugal, whose main theme was the local treatment of joint diseases by intra-articular administration of therapeutic agents. The Symposium drew over 500 attendees from 53 countries who, over the three days of the meeting, debated intra-articular access, therapeutic targets & tools and future developments.

3-5 October 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

Key take-home messages:

  • Clinical evidence for regenerative intra-articular therapies is in need of strengthening and Regen Med’s inCytes platform was viewed by many of the participants and sponsors as an optimal tool for the collection of prospective real-world evidence to support these therapies.
  • ISIAT does significant work in the definition of guidelines for the treatment of important musculoskeletal pathologies and clinical evidence is key in allowing expert panels to define the positioning of different treatment modalities along the continuum of care.
  • The topic of prevention rather than treatment of joint conditions was discussed in several sessions and this was viewed by many participants as an area where regenerative medicine can bring significant value. The demonstration of preventive benefits is a long-term undertaking requiring flexible and reliable data collection tools which guarantee as much as possible physician and patient compliance over time.
  • Regen Med had the opportunity to hold meetings with all of the manufacturers sponsoring the meeting and to illustrate to them how the physician- and patient-friendly features of the inCytes Correlatable Observational Registries (COR’s) can improve data-entry compliance from these two key participant groups in longitudinal data collection projects, whether they be for regulatory purposes or have post-marketing objectives.
  • Attending physicians visiting the Regen Med booth were able to learn first-hand how inCytes, and in particular the new feature-rich update which will be launched in early 2020, can reduce the direct burden on them in data collection and improve patient retention.
  • Follow-up discussions with both commercial and physician ISIAT attendees on the use of inCytes in specific projects are now ongoing.

There was also strong interest from attendees in Regen Med’s proposal to co-invest with clinical partners to establish, operate and expand networks of Regenerative Medicine Centers of Excellence. Project planning for such networks is now continuing with interested parties from France, Poland, Italy, Germany, Slovenia and Serbia.

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