RegenMed August 2023 Newsletter

August 24, 2023

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Select client activities

Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation

The Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation has partnered with RegenMed to launch its first ever Research Page. This members-only page enables practitioners to find and join IOF-exclusive studies across a wide range of orthobiologics topics, and/or start, and recruit members for, their own independent research.

Gulf Coast Biologics

Gulf Coast Biologics Circles have recruited leading practitioners around the country to develop real-world evidence around several knee, hip, IFV and other protocols. Circle Members include Doctors Luga Podesta, Glenn Flanagan, Timothy Mazzola, Walter Sussman, Imran Siddiqui, Gayan Poovendran, and Ariana Demers.

As Arthrex sunsets its Surgical Outcomes System, RegenMed is working with orthopedic surgeons in Europe and North America to transition their SOS studies and cases to Circles. Many of these clinicians are also working with RegenMed to exploit the publication and other influence potential inherent in Circles.

Northwest Specialty Hospital

Northwest Specialty Hospital has contracted with RegenMed for the implementation of a pilot Circle. This is expected to lead to Circles across many of NWSH’s medical disciplines.

The International Science and Nutrition Society

The International Science and Nutrition Society is designing Circles which engage its members in regular reporting of health and mental wellbeing. These data will be used to help better understand and measure benefits from a wide range of nutraceutical products.

A prominent neurologist based in Los Angeles, who shares his protocols with clinical centers around the world, has engaged RegenMed to develop Circles containing longitudinal remote cognitive impairment assessments using MoCA scoring. To minimize staff burden, a MoCA certified RegenMed employee will administer the assessments.

RMI International

RMI International has launched Circles across several major disciplines. They encompass standardized long-term outcomes assessments such as FACE-Q, GAIS (aesthetics), ASES (shoulder and elbow), KOOS-12, Neck Disability Index, Quebec Back Pain Disability Index, and International Index of Erectile Function.


U.S. Patent

RegenMed has been awarded United States patent number 11720567, ”Method and System for Processing Large Amounts of Real World Evidence”. This is the first of a broad patent family being developed by the Company covering the efficient collection and analysis of – and value generation from — healthcare real-world evidence.

Arthrex SOS Replacement

Arthrex has listed Circles as a replacement for its Surgical Outcomes System. RegenMed is currently supporting former SOS users and other clinicians in the design and execution of Arthrex Investigator-Initiated Research Requests.

Minimization of Clinical Burden

Through its Service Provider Agreement, RegenMed is handling patient enrollment and outcomes follow-up for many Circle Members. At only $35 per month, many practices are finding this a highly economical approach to maximizing the value of their Circles. Moreover, the Company’s patient-facing Benchmarc™ platform provides an excellent user experience platform provides an excellent user experience experience on any device.

New Clinical/Scientific Advisory Board Members

RegenMed is honored that Doctors Ken Zaslav and Bert Mandelbaum have agreed to serve on the Company’s C/SAB. They have already provided valuable clinical and strategic advice in the context of the Company’s orthopedic activities. Over the coming months, other thought leaders will join RegenMed’s C/SAB to advise in the fields of neurology, immunology, plastic surgery and wound care.


Whether you are a provider, industry participant, medical society or payer, please contact us to learn how Circles can generate clinical, professional and financial value for you.

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