RegenMed Launches Regenerative Medicine Services of New York

Published by Nicolas Tierney

November 11, 2020

Often, well-intentioned healthcare practitioners do not have access to the current science or clinical best practices supporting safe and efficacious regenerative medicine procedures. Worse, so-called “bad actors” in the field are promoting various therapies and products with little or no scientific basis. As a result, patients often receive “regenerative therapies” resulting in poor outcomes, unreasonably high costs and/or little transparency.

RMSNY is a product-agnostic organization led by internationally recognized scientific and clinical thought leaders. Its clinical members have a simple yet powerful mission – providing their patients with evidence-based, regulatorily-compliant and reasonably-priced regenerative medicine procedures  in a transparent manner. Our goal is safe, predictable and demonstrably better outcomes.

More information on RMSNY, its leadership, membership and mission can be found on its website.

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