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December 30, 2021

In these final days of 2021, RegenMed pays tribute to the world’s healthcare professionals.  We see first-hand the burdens, stresses and challenges of everyday clinical life — all of course exacerbated by COVID-19. In the U.S., a full one-third of clinicians now report burnout. For many, this stems from an increasing sense of isolation — from peers, patients, mentors and even purpose. These are alarming trends for the future of healthcare.

We all do our best work, and feel most fulfilled, by interacting with colleagues, and collaborating in a deep and sustained manner. It has been our privilege this past year to support such deep collaboration among clinicians in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Their evidence-based Circles are fostering new relationships, and helping to advance tomorrow’s clinical standards across a multitude of specialties and topics of interest.  

Meet some of our Circle Founders from around the world.

Guillermo Álvarez Rey, M.D. and Carlos Ferrer Señoráns, M.D
Knee OA | HA vs. PRP vs. Corticosteroids | KOOS, Likert, VAS
Spain | 25+ Cases
Matías Fernández Viña, M.D.
Knee OA | Adipose | KOOS, VAS
Argentina | 28+ Cases
Karolynn Halpert, Chief Medical Officer
Degenerative Disc Disease | Biologics and Wharton Jelly | VAS, SF-12, ODI, NDI
Columbia| 32+ Cases
Jose Miguel Catalàn, M.D.
Knee OA | Intraosseous PRP | VAS, WOMAC, PRP Characterization
Spain | 78+ Cases
Dr. Tay Boon Keng M.D.
Knee OA | PRP vs. HA | WOMAC
Singapore | 64+ Cases
Loïc Le Coz
Knee Chondral Defects | AMIC vs. BMAC | KOOS
France | 36+ Cases
Bo Jønsson, M.D. and Louise Mielke M.D.
Facial, Breast Butt Enhancement| Stem cell-enriched Fat Graft | Volume Change Scales
Denmark | 13+ Cases
Brian Shiple, D.O.
Spine Injuries and Disorders | Biologics vs. Opiates | VAS, ODI Revised
USA | 5+ Cases

To learn more about any of the above Circles or explore how a Circle can advance your evidence-based initiative, contact us today.

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