The Medical Trailblazers

June 23, 2023

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.

- William Shakespeare, Julius Ceasar.


Medicine advances by questioning standards of care.  However, many such standards today are based on expensive and product-specific clinical trials which only well-capitalized for-profit companies can afford.

Meanwhile, the need for broader-based improvements in healthcare delivery is becoming more acute. Medicine is increasingly specialized while, paradoxically, the systemic nature of pathologies and treatments alike is increasingly apparent. For the modern clinician, it is easy to be daunted. There is not too little information; there is too much.

But we arguably live in the most exciting time in the history of medicine. Those individuals who today combine the courage, inventiveness, persistence, and scientific rigor of past medical trailblazers will stand on their shoulders.

It is not a matter of money, nor of access to the latest laboratory equipment, nor of “big data” and complicated algorithms.  It is a matter – as it always has been – of careful observation, following one’s informed intuition, scientific methodology and willingness to make mistakes.

At RegenMed, we have the honor of working with clinicians and scientists around the world who seek to verify accepted “knowledge”, attempt to make sense of their own observations, believing that they can improve standards of care for their patient panels.  They collect and examine real-world evidence, and go where that evidence takes them – whether a tentative confirmation of their hypothesis, a serendipitous correlation or a dead-end. They seek out peers with whom to collaborate. They are willing to publish and otherwise share their hypotheses and data.

Circle Members include department chairs, sole practitioners, medical research directors and others.  Many, on the basis of their work, began as attendees at medical conferences, and are now invited speakers.  Others are receiving industry support while maintaining full control over their studies.

To quote Hippocrates, “science begets knowledge; opinion, ignorance.” The building blocks of science are found in the “real world”, where the application of science finds its greatest value. We applaud those modern trailblazers who, using their own powers of observation and professional judgment, strive to advance medicine for the greater good. Modern technology, efficient yet inexpensive, can be a great aid to them.

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