Using Real World Evidence to Compare Common Orthobiologic Clinical Options

April 5, 2021

Like many clinicians around the world treating musculoskeletal conditions, Dr. Lora Brown of St. Petersburg, Florida is aware of orthobiologic approaches utilizing PRP, BMAC, adipose, exosomes and more. However, relevant data which are independent, statistically significant and verifiable are difficult to find.

Dr. Brown is the founder of TruWell Health, is board certified in anesthesiology and regenerative medicine, and is committed to being evidence-based in the eyes of her patients, regulators and the greater clinical community.  To help develop standards of care based on real-world evidence, Dr. Brown has established a Circle which efficiently captures and reports on human/cell tissue characterization, post-clinical outcomes, and other relevant data points.

Dr. Brown will be presenting her real world evidence via quarterly webinars, and inviting interested clinicians to attend, participate in her or related Circles, and contribute in establishing evidence-based standards of care in this promising field.

To learn more about Dr. Brown, her Circle or her first webinar, please contact us.

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