Why Circles Are A Profit Center For Clinicians?

“The financial and professional return on a Circles investment is high and long-lasting. The clinical burden is minimal.”

May 2, 2023

For most clinicians, medicine is a business as well as a calling. This is true for employed, as well as those with independent practices. Costs may include rent, staff, marketing, IT systems, capital equipment, consumables and/or continuing education. Income may include fees-for-service, RVU’s, salaries, grants, honoraria, investigator fees, and/or “value-based” payments.

Unfortunately, neither medical school nor clinical practice prepares doctors for the business of medicine. Although U.S. healthcare expenditures are $4.3 trillion – over 18% of the country’s GDP – practicing physicians receive an ever-shrinking portion.

Circles not only provide powerful clinical utility; they represent a substantial and transparent return on investment. That investment is only $500 for the first Circle, $35 per month and $5 per Case. Moreover, the Circles license can be terminated any time upon thirty days’ written notice.

The return on that investment, with minimal clinical burden,includes:

  • At least 12 months of physician-defined outcomes capture for each $5 Case:  Make better clinical decisions. Identify potential adverse events early.
  • At least 12 months of sustained and meaningful patient engagement for each $5 Case:  Improve patient retention.  Acquire new patients.  Earn better reviews.
  • Valuable aggregated datasets: Establish evidence-based approaches for new indications, protocols. Support reimbursement.  Comply with legal/regulatory requirements. Support grant proposals.
  • Better relationships with product manufacturers:  Earn honoraria, investigator fees, study-based product discounts, conference support.
  • Professional education:  Collaborate with peers and experts within or across institutional and national boundaries.  Test personal clinical hypotheses.
  • Publication and Influence.  Generate fresh and evidence-based content for articles, conference presentations, practice website, posts, journals, social media.

Circles can convert the real-world data inherent in your everyday Cases into a sustainable profit center.  Join A Circle today, or contact us to find out more.

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